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Celebrating Sex Within Marriage

Intimate Press is a publisher of Christian-oriented books with sexual themes, such as Grandma’s Sex Handbook, or sexual issues, such as Christian novels that include moral lessons interwoven with Christian stories that involve sexual aspects of character and relationship development, presented in a tasteful manner.

Intimate Press novels are intended to celebrate sex within marriage from a Christian perspective, and thereby give readers stories to expand their knowledge and stimulate their imaginations for their own lives, marriages, and sexual activities. The inclusion of sexuality in a Christian inspirational romance is based on the principles described in Grandma’s Sex Handbook, especially the principle that sexual fantasy is different from lust. For more information on this issue, see the Publisher's Foreword of Forgotten Dreams and the Fantasy vs. Lust chapter in Grandma's Sex Handbook.

Intimate Press novels’ characters are always fictitious, but some story elements and places cited may be based on real events and places. “Based on” means they are not exactly as described in the novel. Our novels also substitute “xx-xx-xx” for words and phrases that are spoken harshly or in a derogatory manner.

Warning: Intimate Press books include sexually explicit language and mature themes, and are intended only for mature readers.

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